Fun Driving With Motorcycle In Britain

Driving In London? Fun.
The phrase is greener grass it could be true! Provided that, the way it is. Baseball as one of the ads on television are proven fake grass and even into the lions' den. He, he, he.

The experience of seeing the grass is perceived Me when they travel to London, England. Especially, look at the traffic system in the country Elizabethan England. Felt at all, to drive in this country more easily.

That's because all the systems worked perfectly. Good governance of traffic to the side of the rider himself. They are very disciplined with what determined the government and police.

In Britain, the government has allowed free motorcycle crossed the toll lane. The toll road, there called motorway. There is no special lane for motorcycles for passing on the motorway. Yes, nothing on the left or right. "Motorcycle riders are free to choose. Adjusted course with pace and purpose, "said Dennis, who drove a Yamaha XJR 1300 from Sheffield.

Parking is only allowed in certain places

Interestingly, the traffic in the UK seemed to guide motorists. Any existing signs, always suggested or ordered riders and drivers obey the rules. The presence of any obvious signs monitored. Whether it's on the motorway type road, big city or small town.

For example, when driving on the motorway. Warning signs to use the road shoulder can be easily identified. Then, the speed limit for driving. Until when do we have to reduce speeds of up to a certain extent. These signs too, not just in one or two places. But many on display on the side of the road so that motorists more alert.

Just as the road markings. Yes, for example, straight lines or dotted lines, is clearly visible and is always there in every way. As if, every track is very neat. One of the interesting, if you want to turn or exit from one of the roads that are not equipped with traffic lights. At the end of the street, surely there are signs dotted line. Which means providing a way for passing vehicles.

Bikers are free to choose the path on the Motorway

Likewise, when turning. It must be done in places that have been given a sign to turn. Oh yes, an interesting if there is a path or road to be closed. At least the road users will be notified in advance by posting notice boards in places easily visible.

It was, if motorists are guided and have a high level of discipline like this, the number of traffic accidents can be minimized. That way, the drive was so much easier.




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