Fun Driving With Motorcycle In Britain

Driving In London? Fun.
The phrase is greener grass it could be true! Provided that, the way it is. Baseball as one of the ads on television are proven fake grass and even into the lions' den. He, he, he.

The experience of seeing the grass is perceived Me when they travel to London, England. Especially, look at the traffic system in the country Elizabethan England. Felt at all, to drive in this country more easily.

That's because all the systems worked perfectly. Good governance of traffic to the side of the rider himself. They are very disciplined with what determined the government and police.
Jakarta - Great Uncle, "said Andar Pasaribu when I first met the team AUTOMOTIVE, during a photocall at his New Honda Jazz Fair area of ​​North Sumatra, Medan, some time ago. Andar, close calls man born in Medan, North Sumatra, 23 years ago this , may seem low profile.

Slight modifications to street talk but elegant creations of this thinking, able to attract the sympathy of judges and visitors at the show Accelera Auto Contest Field some time ago. Section 2008 New Jazz alerts can also be seen with the low profile look of a charming pearl white color, plus feet wide with a body kit is almost touching the asphalt.

Tips homecoming 2011

This year looks preparation travelers are not as complex as monitoring team last year. Perhaps the travelers have more sophisticated technology, so that observers travelers simply provide news sparingly.

The travelers who are armed with waze, maps (Gugel) or social media applications are created for the traveler would have felt no need anymore tips back and forth that sometimes outdated. See it if we search our homecoming 2011, still see the map back and forth years ago.

This happens because the map is already in the gadget back and forth respectively. Applications 4Sqr also certain to make the travelers feel so close. Those friends in 4Sqr would so quickly find out the position of friends, complete with the latest conditions experienced by the friend.

Large-scale update will be done by waze, when the new road wazer enable record on their gadgets. Images will appear tandem roller, the screen, which opens new avenues (new map) and the server will record it waze in their data base.

Results from the MotoGP Indianapolis practice

Stoner Fastest lap (
Ben Spies ambition not to leave the fastest lap for the other drivers in its own cage, directly thwarted by Casey Stoner in second MotoGP practice session that was held in Indianapolis on Friday (26 / 8) afternoon when the Indianapolis. Stoner fastest lap ahead with the dominant one minute 40,724 seconds and instantly make calculations with the host driver.

With the rising dominance of Stoner in second practice session this time, making Spies must work extra hard to compete with its main rivals in the performance of the Honda team. But he still has hope, because Spies is still able to secure the fastest lap in second with 1 minute 40,918 seconds. Thus do not own Stoner scored the fastest lap 1 minute 40 seconds.

Mazda RX 8 Modification

JAKARTA - If it's too late to work, the mood must be made happy. Like Christ performed Yoggi Saputra, who has Mazda RX-8 from the city of Yogyakarta, who wants to be cheerful in all situations.

According to Christ, his favorite car is described as a date to relieve fatigue. Nah wonder if the Mazda RX-8 is rarely seen pacing the streets of warm, because it is only used if the mood is happy.

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