Mazda RX 8 Modification

JAKARTA - If it's too late to work, the mood must be made happy. Like Christ performed Yoggi Saputra, who has Mazda RX-8 from the city of Yogyakarta, who wants to be cheerful in all situations.

According to Christ, his favorite car is described as a date to relieve fatigue. Nah wonder if the Mazda RX-8 is rarely seen pacing the streets of warm, because it is only used if the mood is happy.

Process improve their exterior appearance, including interior, does also fit the mood. Little by little, the young entrepreneur was also beautify the sporty look of hers is to look always okay.

"Capital own inspiration, I try to put the idea to modify the style of street racing, but it should still look simple," said 25-year single.

Assisted workshop partner, Auto Custom 66, the standard look of the RX-8 2003 is also upgraded the alert with a capital of a full body kit custom version. All panels made of fiber materials used, and the design still refers to the sport sedan's curves were innate.

As a contrived front bumper spoiler fused, with the grille holes are positioned parallel to induct the water on either side. The entire ventilation holes on the front, hollow ram wire wear closed meeting. To give the impression of more aggressive, bottom added two horizontal indentations that look explicitly at the muzzle of the car.

On the plus side of the body is also a position parallel side skirts front spoiler lip. While the stern of a contrived offset spoiler rear bumper fused, stamped coakan wide on the far right-left which also functioned as a place to exit the muzzle mufflers.

Sporty impression is also more highlighted in the bonnet, replacing the standard engine hood made of carbon panel products Ings original Japanese version. The most extreme changes applied to the sector of the legs, through the installation of air suspension.

"The standard suspension was made in order to adopt a little air suspension system on all four wheels. So that is not easily troubled, I use a universal air suspension USA," explains Chris.

Air tube placement following two compressors for the air suspension system, completely immersed in the rear trunk. To avoid damage, the following tube compressor pumps air, placed in a separate box is made of MDF wood, and coated synthetic leather material with the interior color.

Turning to the interior. Almost all of the cabin panel overlay using a synthetic leather material. Such as upholstery, doortrim, boxes in the rear cabin, including steering wheel, wrapped material MBtech orange-black color. Color blend is considered to be of great help to restore mood, because had the feel of a more lively but still feel manly when're driving.

Changes in the interior is not constrained too extreme, just remove the rear bench can be contrived so that the box for the placement of audio components. Moreover, the work entrusted to Almo outlets in Yogyakarta, Central Java, adding detail changes in the glove compartment.

"Since pretty much supporting components, routed also be reckoned to still look neat. Holder psi pressure indicator for its air suspension system, including an additional panel head unit, made together in the glove compartment," says Chris.

source: Otomotifnet


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